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Urban Elegance Revived: Three-Story Townhome Transformation in Urbana, MD

Embark on a heartwarming journey of refinement and sophistication with us as we reveal the radiant transformation of a three-story townhome in Urbana, MD. This project, more than a renovation, was a true labor of love as we joyfully brought this property back to life. Every detail, from the careful rejuvenation of three full bathrooms, one half bathroom, to the complete metamorphosis of the kitchen, was not just a meticulous task but a personalized endeavor for our esteemed homeowner—a distinguished veteran who held his home dear. It was a joyous challenge to weave modern functionality with timeless elegance, ensuring each nuance resonated with the homeowner's unique preferences. This journey was a testament to the art of transformative living, tailored with a personal touch.

Project Highlights:

1. Bathroom Sanctuary: Witness the revitalization of three full bathrooms and one half bathroom, incorporating the homeowner's preference for copper accents. The pièce de résistance is the main bathroom—a spa-like haven with marble floors, a curb-less shower, live-edge wood accents, and a freestanding soaking tub.

2. Kitchen Renaissance: The heart of the home received a complete facelift with an entire kitchen renovation. Existing cabinets were repurposed, painted, and transformed into soft-close cabinets, showcasing modern functionality with a touch of light and warmth.

3. Consistent Elegance: Every wall and baseboard received a fresh coat of paint, unifying the entire space. Shadow boxes added to the formal dining room brought architectural distinction, elevating the home's interior aesthetics, and an opportunity for the homeowner to display their art work.

4. Exterior Enhancements: Elevating outdoor living, we replaced railings and resurfaced the outside deck, creating a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces. We oversaw the meticulous process of a new roof installation, ensuring compliance with HOA requirements and stipulations.

5. Structural Repairs: Addressing damage to the stairs, our structural repairs seamlessly integrated with the existing structure, ensuring durability while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Additionally, mold remediation was expertly conducted to enhance the home's overall safety and well-being.

6. Interior Finishing Touches: Adding a final touch of sophistication, we replaced carpeting in the upstairs and basement and introduced plantation shutters in key areas, including the living room, spa bathroom, and main bedroom.

An honor to serve a veteran homeowner, this project stands as a testament to the art of transformative living. Discover the unique blend of modern functionality and timeless style with The Home Owners Helper. Contact us to begin your journey to a renewed and refined home.

Urban Elegance Revived: Three-Story Townhome Transformation in Urbana, MD